MSA FL4000H Multispectrum IR vlamdetector

MSA FL4000H Multispectrum IR Flame Detector


The FL4000H is an advanced multispectral infrared (MSIR) flame detector that provides superior false alarm immunity with the widest field of view.



The FL4000H features a multispectral optical IR sensor line with an advanced Neural Network Technology (NNT) system that distinguishes real flames from the vast majority of false alarm sources. The FL4000H detects typical fires such as alcohol, n-heptane, petrol, paraffin and hydrocarbons. It can see through dense smoke caused by fires involving diesel, rubber, plastic and lubricating oil.

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  • Multispectral infrared (MSIR) detector package for extended range (230 ft) and wide field of view (100° @ 100 ft)
  • Neural Network Technology (NNT) provides superior false alarm immunity
  • Event history records time, date and type of event
  • Modbus and HART communication options allow full status monitoring and control from a control room
  • Continuous Optical Path Monitoring (COPM) checks the integrity of the optical path and the detector electronics
  • Test mode for verification of all outputs (used with TL105 test lamp)

Additional footnote for used * in specifications:
* 1 sq. ft. n-heptane fire using high sensitivity. This is a nominal value and different results may arise depending on the source of each fire.

More Information

More Information
Spectral range 2-5 micron
Maximum range 70 m*
Typical response time <10 s
Min. distance immunity arc welding 1.5 - 4.6 m depending on rod
Maximum field of view 100° @ 100 ft; 90° @ 210 ft.
Operating / Storage temperature –40° C tot +80° C
Operating humidity 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Housing 316 stainless steel
Weight 3.6 kg
Cable entries 2 x 3/4" NPT