Chillgard® VRF-koelmiddellekdetector

MSA Chillgard® VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector


The Chillgard® VRF leak detector can be connected directly to all building management systems (BMS). The leak detector features infrared technology and provides a stable zero base line, minimises cross-sensitivity and offers little additional cost as it requires minimal maintenance.



The Chillgard VRF Refrigerant Leak Detector is the first industry detector for Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF) with integrated BACnet capability. Therefore, it can be directly connected with any Building Management Systems (BMS). MSA applies its proven Photoacoustic infrared sensing technology that provides a stable zero baseline, minimizes cross-sensitivities and offers low cost of ownership through minimum maintenance required.


  • Low-level detection with a minimum detection of 25 ppm
  • Versatility - suitable for use in a wide temperature and humidity range
  • Low maintenance - no moving parts and stable PAIR sensor technology
  • Easy installation - just attach the back plate to the wall
  • 20 years of proven photoacoustic infrared sensor technology
  • Digital communication
    • BACnet®
    • Modbus

More Information

More Information
Dimensions (l x b x h) 11.9 x 10.4 x 4.3 cm
Weight 230 gr
Operating power 24 VDC ±20%, 24 VAC ±20%, 50/60 Hz, class 2
Power consumption ≤ 5 watt
Operating temperature 0° to 60°C (32° to 140°F)
Relative humidity 0–99% non-condensing
Pressure 10.2 to 15.7 PSIA (70 to 108 kPA)