Coltri MCH-13 ET Mark 3 + Electronic Pressure Gauge with Relay

Coltri Mark III Silent 235 ET

65220222 / 65220223 / 65220224

Coltri Mark III Silent 235 ET. This compressed air compressor has a fast filling time and a three-phase electric motor.



MARK 3 SILENT is the ideal solution for compressing air, nitrogen and technical gases at non-atmospheric suction pressures between 2 and 8 bar. The ergonomic design offers optimal accessibility to the controls and the compact dimensions allow installation in small spaces. Equipped with automatic condensate drainage and autostop and restart function.

More Information

More Information
Filling capacity 235 l/m - 14,10 m³/h - 8.30 CFM FAD
Filling time cylinder 80L 0 - 200 bar 8 min 30 sec
Weight 159 kg
Noise 74.9 dB
Dimensions (lxbxh) 97 x 72 x 91 cm