Sauer SC Series

Sauer SC Series


Sauer screw compressors reflect our deep understanding of the demands of commercial shipping and decades of experience in this field, they offer you much more than normal industry compressors. Sauer screw compressors are designed for trouble-free operation anywhere on the Seven Seas. They are available with fixed speed or optionally with variable frequency drive (VFD).


The Sauer SC-Series screw compressors, in contrast to piston compressors, compress in rotating screws, and operate without valves. The SC-Series screw compressors offer much more than industrial compressors because they are the synthesis of thousands of industrial compressors and of our fundamental knowledge of the requirements of international shipping. The special design features of Sauer's SC screw compressors guarantee trouble-free operation on the seven seas.

They are available with fixed speed or optionally with variable frequency drive (VFD). As an alternative to the screw compressor, Sauer can supply piston compressors, based on the well-known range of starter air compressors. Compared to screw compressors, these types are better suited for shorter operating intervals due to their
lower energy consumption, as they are start-stop controlled.

The clear advantages of piston compressors are their standardised components and similarity in design to air-cooled start air compressors. If you choose your ship compressors carefully, you can have start, control and working air compressors all have the same wear parts.

More Information

More Information
Maximum operating pressure 12 bar
Maximum flow rate 80 - 780 m³/h
Motor RPM 3000 - 3600
Maximum power 11 - 99 kW
Weight 320 - 1450 kg