As in industry, petrochemistry is a sector in which your installation must function optimally. A stationary installation costs money, and as an installation manager, you want to avoid this at all costs. By choosing high-quality brands such as MSA The Safety Company and Sauer Compressors, we at Holugt-Sauer can offer you sound equipment that will guarantee your installation. Where MSA can provide almost all types of detection, such as point, line, acoustic and flame detection, Sauer can supply the best price/quality compressors available on the market.


We can also relieve you of all your worries by carrying out all the work, so that no external parties have to be involved. We are also VCA ** and ISO certified. Gas and flame detectors and compressors from Sauer and Coltri suitable for the petrochemical industry can be found here.


Do you need advice or do you have doubts about which compressor or gas detection system is suitable for your industry? Please contact one of our specialists with no obligation using the contact form below. We will then contact you.