CNG compressors

The number of vehicles that run on CNG, has greatly increased in recent years. Driving on natural gas is not only good for people and the environment, but it is also cost-effective due to the low gas price of approximately € 0,81 per M3. More and more individuals and businesses are discovering that natural gas can be filled through its own CNG filling station at home or in the office. CNG compressor stands for Compressed Natural Gas, or gas under pressure. The natural gas is compressed with a compressor to a pressure of 250 bar, whereby it can be stored in compact cylinders.

We supply CNG gas compressors and natural gas filling stations. The CNG filling stations are Coltri installations and have a capacity of 3 till 24 m3/hr and can be divided into two types, the "Slow-fill" and "Fast-fill" system.

  • Coltri MCH-5/10/14/19 CNG EVO Compressor
    Coltri MCH-5/10/14/19 CNG EVO Compressor
  • Coltri MCH 20 CNG compressor
    Coltri MCH 20 CNG compressor
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