Coltri breathing air skid

In house we have built a custom-made breahting air skid (frame) in accordance with PED. The skid is equipped with a Coltri MCH 8 Silent EVO compressor, two 350 bar buffer bottles, a 2-stage pressure reducing station and is completely plug and play.
The Skid is provided with an Approval for Commissioning (KVI) at the customer's location.

Coltri compressor

The Coltri compressor is built on a base frame / skid and provided with all the required piping work. The compressor has a digital pressure switch that automatically keeps the buffer system under pressure, so that the compressor always has an ideal running time. The reducing system is set up in 2 stages and can therefore be supplied in both high pressure and low pressure. The buffer pressure is higher than the required system pressure, so that optimum use can be made of the supply of air that is present in the buffer system. In addition, the compressor is equipped with the hyperfilter system through which the air comes out of the system in accordance with EN 12021. Due to this air quality standard, the air is for the customer of correct specification to be able to satisfy as calibration / air test.


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