Portable Gas Detection

Portable gas detection ensures worker safety when working or entering areas where the air is not safe. The portable gas detection measures whether the air is safe and that there are no common hazards, such as carbon monoxide, sulfur dust and flammable gases. It is also measured whether the oxygen levels in the rooms are good. The portable gas detection models are small and compact and therefore easy to transport.

We offer portable gas detection, stationary, multi-gas detection, single-gas detection and gas detection equipment with gas testing tubes. Which variant of gas detection is best for you depends on your location, preferences and different sources that may pose a danger.

Calibration or renting gasdetection

Besides also providing the gasdection you can contact us for calibration, inspection, testing and renting your gas detection equipment.
More information about the possibilities? Send us an e-mail to info@holugt-sauer.com or contact us by phone during working hours via +31(0)344-577 511.


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