Portable Gas Detection - Single or Two Gasses

Personal gas detection of MSA for a safe working environment

MSA's portable gas detection ensures personal safety for employees when entering or working in confined spaces where it is not certain whether the atmosphere is safe. MSA's personal gas detection measures whether the air is safe and does not have the common hazards such as oxygen shortage or excess oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide and flammable or explosive gases.

MSA ALTAIR gas detector with single or two gasses

The portable MSA gas detection for single or multi gas detectors are available in compact, light weight models and are extremely reliable, robust and fully configurable and maintenance friendly. The personal gas detection of MSA can be used for every application and under the most severe conditions!
The ALTAIR maintenance-free gas detector with a two-year lifespan offers sensor options for carbon monoxide, sulfur oxygen or oxygen. The ALTAIR PRO is a powerful single-gas detector with sensor options for carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, oxygen, ammonia, chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen cyanide, nitrogen dioxide, phosphine and sulfur dioxide.

  • MSA Altair H2S Detector
    MSA Altair H2S Detector
    € 185,00
  • MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector
    MSA Altair Pro Single-Gas Detector
    € 350,00
  • MSA Altair 2X Gas Detectors
    MSA Altair 2X Gas Detectors
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