Sauer Passat Series: 10 t/m 80 bar

Sauer Passat Industry ComDry: till 80 bar


Sauer's Passat series; 3-stage air-cooled compressors for various industries. This series of compressors are preferred by shipyards and shipping companies because of their:

  • Low temperature
  • Less maintenance costs
  • Low installation costs

This ComDry is extensively installed in a soundproofed canopy incl. Sauer electronic compressor control.


3-stage air-cooled starter compressors

Unrivalled reliability, operational efficiency, easy maintenance: these advantages have made Sauer's Passat 3-stage air-cooled compressors bestsellers for years. By combining 3-stage compression with air cooling, Passat compressors allow low compression temperatures - and these three advantages.

The compressors of the Passat series can be used with the following gases; air, nitrogen, helium, argon and methane.


Basic: Compressor with e-motor.
Comsilent: Compressor with e-motor in sound proof canopy incl. Sauer electronic compressor control.
Comdry: Compressor with e-motor in soundproofed enclosure incl. Sauer electronic compressor controller.
and integrated adsorption dryer.

Holugt Sauer develops customised solutions for our customers. Should you have special requirements for a compressor or any other question, please inquire about the corresponding possibilities.

More Information

More Information
Stages 3
Maximum pressure 10 - 80 bar
Maximum flow rate at 50 Hz 76.4 - 231 m³/h
Maximum flow rate at 60 Hz 88.9 - 277.8 m³/h
Maximum power 15 - 55 kW