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Holugt Sauer

Compressors and installations

Holugt Sauer is specialized in the sales and maintenance of high pressure compressors and installations with exclusivity for the Coltri breathing air compressors and 30 to 500 bar compressors from the German manufacturer Sauer compressors. We have been agent of Sauer Compressors (J.P. Sauer & Sohn Maschinenbau GmbH) for the Netherlands and Belgium since 1979. 

We build various installations with our exclusive brands Coltri and Sauer, such as CNG compressors, Helium, Nitrox and other gasses and gas compositions. From our location in Tiel, we supply to shipyards, navy, industry, shipping companies, fire brigade, paintball companies, electricity companies and divers. Since 2020, we have opened a new location in Lier, Belgium, to be able to serve the Belgian market as well.

In order to best serve our customers, we have a complete Service & Maintenance department, which also offers customized solutions for maintenance and malfunctions. In short, within the high-pressure segment we take care of everything from "Plug & Play" installation to planned maintenance, in which all useful knowledge, expertise and materials are available.  

MSA Stationary gas detection

In addition to our compressors, we also offer a complete range of MSA portable gas detection, stationary gas detection and flame detection. The stationary gas and flame detection systems alarm when they detect toxic, invisible and odourless or flammable gases that can pose a danger to people, the environment and installations. Fixed gas and flame detection is often abbreviated to FGFD; Fixed Gas and Flame Detection.

Besides delivery and installation, we also offer service and maintenance for your stationary gas and flame detection system from our workshop or on location. Our MSA specialists have years of experience and can give you appropriate advice for each project.

Service and Maintenance compressors, breathing air protection and gasdetection

We have very experienced engineers for service and maintenance of your compressors or stationary gas detection systems. The mechanics are, among others, certified Sauer mechanic and VCA certified mechanic. Maintenance for other low and high pressure compressors is also possible.

Breathing air installation

Our expertise is also installing a fully breathable air installation according to PED, as well as stationary as container units. If requested we can also provide the KVI on behalf of the client.

Holugt Sauer is a division of Hobrand BV, specialised in compressors and gas detection. 

Corporate Video

See the introduction video below to take a look behind the scenes at Holugt Sauer. This video was shot at the head office in Tiel.