Sauer 5000 Series: t/m 350 bar

Sauer 5000 Series: till 350 bar


The Sauer Marine compressors of the WP 5000 series are specially designed for use on combat ships, destroyers, frigates and submarines. They are available with AC or DC motor and can be supplied for surface ships or special highly advanced submarine versions.


More than 60 years of marine compressor expertise went into the development of the Sauer 5000 series. Like all Sauer compressors, the 5000 series has an outstanding compact, impact-resistant design, generates a minimum of air and structure-borne noise, features proven technology with first-class global references, and offers state-of-the-art options, such as the latest dryer, control and drive technology.

The types WP5000 (200 m³/h@max. 400 bar) and WP5500 (80 m³/h@max. 350 bar) are both vertical compressors and can be equipped with either an AC or DC motor. They are suitable for all surface vessels and are also available in a highly advanced subsea version. The special features of the 5000 series are the vertical crankshaft with the four cylinders arranged radially around it and the directly coupled motor on top of the compressors.

More Information

More Information
Stages 4
Maximum pressure 350 bar
Maximum flow rate at 50 Hz 56 - 115 m³/h
Maximum flow rate at 60 Hz 67 - 138 m³/h
Maximum power 20 - 75 kW