Sauer Hurricane Series

Sauer Hurricane Comsilent Series: till 400 bar


This ComSilent is extensively installed in a soundproofed canopy incl. Sauer electronic compressor controller and integrated adsorption dryer.


The heart of every Sauer breathing air compressor is a robust compressor block, designed to withstand the highest demands that occur in various applications, such as shocks, vibrations, inclination, high temperatures and continuous operation.

Sauer Hurricane compressors meet all installation requirements:

  • Fully automatic electronic control system
  • Sound insulation as low as 72 dB (A)
  • (Optional) Integrated filter, with filtration supplied in accordance with any international standard (e.g. DIN EN 12021, BS 4275, BS4001, US CGA Grade D+E or Navy Standard FS Grade A+B)
  • Exhauster
  • Condensate collection tray


Basic: Compressor with e-motor.
Comsilent: Compressor with e-motor in sound proof canopy incl. Sauer electronic compressor controller.
Comdry: Compressor with e-motor in soundproofed enclosure incl. Sauer electronic compressor controller.
and integrated adsorption dryer.

Holugt Sauer develops customised solutions for our customers. Should you have special requirements for a compressor or any other question, please inquire about the corresponding possibilities.

More Information

More Information
Stages 4
Maximum pressure 400
Maximum flow rate at 50 Hz 32.7 - 100 m³/h
Maximum flow rate at 60 Hz 38.6 - 120 m³/h
Maximum power 11 - 55 kW