Sauer Mistral Series: 5 t/m 500 bar

Sauer Mistral Industry: till 40 bar


The Mistral series from Sauer; 2-stage air-cooled compressors. The advantages of these compressors are the low installation costs, that they are lightweight, reliable and safe to operate, even at ambient temperatures of up to 60°C.


Performance data with 5 % tolerance, related to 20 °C and an air pressure of 1.013 mbar. Performance data at end pressures other than 30 barg on request.

Holugt Sauer develops customised solutions for our customers. Please enquire about your requirements and the corresponding possibilities.

More Information

More Information
Stages 2
Maximum pressure 40 bar
Maximum flow rate at 50 Hz 11 - 135.4 m³/h
Maximum flow rate at 60 Hz 13.5 - 163 m³/h
Maximum power 3 - 18.5 kW