Sauer Tornado Series

Sauer Tornado Comdry: till 400 bar


The Sauer compressors have everything needed for a complete installation:
fully automatic electronic control, sound insulation down to 72 db(A), integrated filter, demistor and condensate collection tray.


The Sauer Tornado compressor is a revolutionary development for the world of compressed air. Developed from the Marine Compressors in which Sauer has been the world market leader for years.

The Tornado is a vertical 3- or 4-stage compressor with a direct drive. No more pulleys and V-belts! The different speeds are achieved by an integrated frequency converter (optional). The Tornado compresses up to 400 bar and in the super soundproofed enclosure a noise of only 72 dBa is measured at 1-metre distance.


Basic: Compressor with e-motor.
Comsilent: Compressor with e-motor in soundproofed enclosure including Sauer electronic compressor controller.
Comdry: Compressor with e-motor in a soundproofed enclosure incl. Sauer electronic compressor control
and integrated adsorption dryer.

More Information

More Information
Stages 3 - 4
Maximum pressure 350 - 400 bar
Maximum flow rate at 50 Hz 14.2 - 21 m³/h
Maximum flow rate at 60 Hz 17 - 25 m³/h
Maximum power 5 - 15 kW