The market offers many different techniques for measuring refrigerants, also called synthetic refrigerants. The measuring techniques in particular differ enormously, which does not make the choice any easier.

The mechanical room of a building is the centre of the heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. These can be central utility rooms, boiler rooms, cooling rooms, mechanical and electrical rooms and fuel rooms. The equipment in these rooms can leak harmful flammable or toxic gases, including expensive and environmentally damaging refrigerant gases.

Refrigerant gas is considered a toxic gas and although refrigerants have low toxicity they can displace oxygen at high concentrations. A lack of oxygen can lead to serious injury or death to workers. Furthermore, these chemicals are controlled substances by the Environmental Protection Agency, which means that they are not only dangerous to the health and safety of workers, but also harmful to the environment.

Many of these refrigerants are categorised as ozone-depleting substances and are strictly controlled. Gas monitors must meet the requirements for equipment room emissions contained in EPA regulations. For economic reasons, the detection of refrigerant leaks is encouraged due to the costs associated with refrigerant leaks.

In order to detect these harmful gases in time, we have eight different measuring techniques that make it possible to optimally secure the room and its surroundings; each measuring technique has its own outstanding features that ensure a high level of safety.


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