Parking garages

Parking Garages

MPS Evolution "Indispensable in parking garages".

Visitors to car parks can be exposed to toxic and flammable gases that accumulate in excess. This creates dangerous situations that can lead to health and safety risks. The MPS Evolution has been designed by Holugt Sauer according to the NEN2443:2013 standard, to be used in combination with addressable toxic and combustible gas detectors in car parks for the detection of CO, NO2, H2 and LPG. The system offers a wide range of functions and options that can be selected via a menu-driven program directly on MPS® Evolution, or via an external computer.


Designed specifically for parking garages, the MPS® Evolution works with up to 248 CO, H2, NOx or LPG sensors. Check out our MPS Evolution here for more information.


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