The shipping industry has demanding operating conditions. These conditions make our gas detectors and compressors extremely suitable for use on board.

With Coltri, we serve the breathing air market. The MCH6 compact is the best-selling compressed air compressor for filling cylinders for SCBAs and EEBDs, for example.

The shipping industry has high quality and reliability requirements. Sauer Compressoren has fulfilled these for more than 135 years. Our starting and working air compressors are not only among the most modern and economical compressors available on the market; they have proven their reliability under the most demanding operating conditions.

From detecting the transport of flammable gases to being able to detect environmental hazards. With MSA we have a wide range of detectors with the right classification for maritime applications. Holugt Sauer also has extensive experience in the construction of sample systems.


An overview with our compressors and gas and flame detectors for the marine industry can be found here.


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