When processing foodstuffs and in order to maximise their shelf life, it is necessary to use various gases. Nitrogen and carbon dioxide are widely used for packing fresh meat, vegetables and fish, among others. The danger of these gases lies in their oxygen displacement property and their odourlessness, a potential danger for employees in the production or storage area.

In addition to the gases used during food packaging, dangerous gases may also be released during the production of these foodstuffs, which are not always immediately perceived as a hazard. For example, beer contains carbon dioxide after fermentation from malt, which may be released during the filling process. In all these situations, the oxygen displacement property can cause the oxygen level in the production area to drop to such an extent that a life-threatening situation can arise.

To ensure that the production area is (and remains) safe, we assess what the critical locations are during the procedures during filling or distillation. We can make a projection for a gas detection installation, but also think along with you about what should happen in case of an emergency. So you are not only assured of reliable equipment, but also of a clear plan. So that you can keep your focus on production and your employees are assured of a safe working environment.


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